Affordable Home Additions: Should You Consider a Pergola?

Look around for potential home additions you could add onto your house online, and you will surely be presented with so much information that your head might spin. There are a ton of potential home additions you can think about adding onto your own home, each with different uses and functionalities that would help various families in all kinds of different ways.

With all of these choices available to you, what home addition should you go with? While you could go with all kinds of possibilities to make your life at home even more comfortable, one you should consider that is both functional and relatively affordable when compared to other home additions is a nice pergola.

What is a Pergola, and How Much Do They Cost to Install?

A pergola is a home addition that aims to be long-lasting and relatively free of any maintenance, able to shield you from bad weather and help enrich the time you spend outside. It can be made of all kinds of different materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

The cost you pay for a pergola installation on your home depends largely on the installer you go through to get it done, what material you opt for in the making of your pergola, and how large of a pergola you would like. With this in mind, the average cost of pergola installation in the United States is anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000.

When you have a budget in mind and know what kind of pergola you would like to opt for, you can get the installation of your pergola done pretty quickly.

The Benefits of a Pergola For Your Home

There are a few great benefits to choosing a pergola for your home addition. Here are some of the main benefits you can glean from installing a pergola of your own in your home:

·    A pergola can be very low-maintenance and last for years through different kinds of weather

·    A pergola can make spending time outside so much more fun, keeping you out of the sun and rain

aluminum pergolas

·    Pergolas can be added onto as well – for example, you could always add a retractable shade if you wanted it

Will You Choose a Pergola For Your Home Addition?

Pergolas have all kinds of unique benefits to choose them for your first home addition, especially if you are looking to extend your home on a budget. When you know you want to choose a pergola for your home addition, get in touch with aluminum pergolas installation experts in your area to get the construction and installation of your very own pergola underway so you can begin enjoying its benefits as soon as possible.