Hiring A Good Electrician

It is important that you hire a good electrician when it comes to doing work on your home or office.  Electricity and power is something that you don’t want to mess with and ensuring that an electrician in Charleston WV is hired is very critical.

Years of training

The first thing you want to do is look at the years of training.  The more training an electrician has, the more likely that they have seen different problems.  When you are exposed to more and more problems, the odds of seeing things that are not right where others would gloss right past them is important.


Prices are important and they should be considered when making a final decision.  However, most electricians will carry the same prices for labor and parts in your general area.  There may be some that offer special services or may come at off times which can change the price of service, however, prices are typically standard across the board.

electrician in Charleston WV


You want to make sure that your electrician has their own tools and that these tools are good enough to be used.  You don’t want an electrician coming in with tools for a plumber or other professional.  You also don’t want to have an issue with someone getting hurt on your property due to poor tools.


You want to have someone that is usually always available or can manage their time well.  When you have an electrical issue, you want it taken care of as easily as possible.  The longer it takes to get looked at the great at risk you will become.


Final, you want to gauge how professional they are.  If they are kind and professional on the phone in the attempt to get the job but are rude and unprofessional when they show up, then this is a red flag.  You want to deal with people who like their job and will do it to the best of their ability.